Dental Filling Fell Out? Discover a Temporary Fix (2024 Update)

Dental Filling Fell Out? Discover a Temporary Fix (2024 Update)

We’ve all been there. An unexpected crunch interrupts an oh-so-delicious bite of our favorite meal. It feels alien and too hard to be a part of your meal. With a sinking heart, you realize your supposedly permanent dental filling—in fact—wasn’t so permanent. It’s decided to take a leap of faith while you were enjoying your meal!

While having a lost filling is an uninviting and potentially painful experience for the exposed tooth, early measures can drastically minimize discomfort and the risk of infection later on.

Although a DIY solution might offer a temporary respite from pain if your tooth filling falls, it shouldn’t replace proper oral health. The only appropriate action is to seek treatment—a gold or amalgam filling replaced by a dentist with an American Dental Association license.

In such cases where your filling falls or when dealing with a chipped filling, time is crucial. As a stopgap measure during your dental trauma, use the tips below until you can schedule an appointment with your dentist for permanent dental fillings.

Schedule an Appointment With Your Dentist as Soon as Possible!

As soon as you notice your dental filling falls out, your first step should be to contact your dentist and book an appointment. Regardless of whether your front tooth or molar filling fell, you now have an exposed tooth hole that can harbor bacteria.

An affected tooth missing a composite filling is highly vulnerable. Without immediate attention from a dentist, food particles and bacteria can accumulate in the gap left by the lost filling, putting your tooth at risk. Try to visit your dental office as soon as possible. If a same-day appointment isn’t possible, aim for one within 48 hours.

Although some might consider a temporary filling material a quick fix for a filling fall, it should only serve as a brief solution until a more permanent replacement filling can be made by a dentist. Space in your tooth can invite food and bacteria, leading to further decay or damage. Therefore, a temporary filling is just that – temporary.

If you lack dental insurance or your coverage has expired, affordable options are available. Many dental schools offer services at a discounted price. Some dental practices even provide emergency dental procedures like replacement fillings on a sliding scale or payment plan. Hence, a homemade temporary filling shouldn’t be your long-term solution.


Save the Filling if Possible

No one enjoys having a filling fall out. If your filling falls out and you haven’t inadvertently swallowed or lost it down the drain, try to preserve it. Clean the missing filling and store it safely. Your dentist might use the same filling or opt for a new one, such as a dental implant. Or they may recommend another treatment, like a root canal procedure and a crown. Nonetheless, saving the filling is worth trying.


Clean Thoroughly

Next, clean your entire mouth gently, taking extra care not to irritate the affected tooth. Rinse with warm salt water or mouthwash, primarily focusing on the affected area. This can reduce the risk of bacteria buildup in the tooth hole, which could lead to tooth decay.


Numb Your Tooth and Gums

Pain relief might be a top priority if your tooth filling fell out. Before visiting your dentist’s office, you may encounter pain or tenderness around the filling or in the exposed area. An ice pack can work wonders for pain after noticing that a tooth filling fell out. Apply the ice pack to your face outside of the area your mouth that hurts to reduce pain and swelling. You may also want to buy clove oil to gently massage into the hole in your tooth and the surrounding gums. Over-the-counter pain relievers like Tylenol or Ibuprofen can be used if the pain persists before your dental visit.


How to Seal Tooth Hole Temporarily

If you’re wondering about a permanent at-home tooth filling kit, unfortunately, there isn’t one. The best available option over the counter is a temporary filling kit to prevent further decay.

After a filling falls out, seal the gap left in the tooth with a temporary filling material like dental wax. This should prevent food particles from sticking to the affected area and causing further decay until your dentist can apply a new filling or crown or perform additional dental procedures.


Identify the Cause of Filling Loss

Understanding why the dental filling fell out can help your dentist prevent it from happening again. Make a note of your activities when the filling falls out. If it was something like popcorn or hard candy, your dentist might want to place an over-the-counter tooth sealant on the tooth in question to prevent this type of dental filling from coming out again.

Maintaining good oral hygiene and preventing tooth decay are essential to oral health!


Smart Eating and Drinking

While awaiting your dental appointment, avoiding anything that could worsen your tooth pain or further damage your oral health is essential. Avoid sugary foods, extremely hot or cold items, and anything hard. Try to minimize chewing on the side with the exposed tooth, particularly if a new filling just fell out, as it may cause discomfort.

Any food consumed between now and your filling replacement can potentially enter the tooth hole. The last thing you want is a cavity before getting your filling replaced!


Don’t Wait, Seal Your Fate! Schedule Your Dental Appointment Today!

Taking care of your oral health is crucial for maintaining a healthy and pain-free life. If you have experienced a filling fall out, don’t wait to seek treatment. The longer you wait, the more susceptible your tooth is to further damage and decay. Contact your dentist as soon as possible and follow the tips mentioned above to minimize discomfort and prevent future dental issues.

Remember, a temporary fix is not a permanent solution, so schedule your appointment today for long-lasting dental health! So take care of your fillings and they will take care of you! Replacing missing or damaged fillings can help avoid further complications in the future.

If you’ve recently experienced a filling falling out, suspect your filling might fall out, a filling keeps falling out, or if need assistance with dental issues like decay or teeth grinding, don’t hesitate to contact our skilled team. We’re always ready to welcome new patients and get you smiling confidently again!

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