Filling Fell Out? Here’s a Temporary Fix.

Filling Fell Out? Here’s a Temporary Fix.

It’s a mishap that we all dread. We’re getting stuck into a delicious meal when we feel something clash against our teeth. Something that’s too hard to be food. With horror you realize that your filling has fallen out while you were eating. While this is an uncomfortable and potentially painful occurrence, the steps you take early on can make a huge difference to the pain, discomfort and risk of infection that you will face later.

While home fixes are no substitute for professional dental expertise, time is of the essence here. With that in mind, use this temporary fix to tide you over until you can get back in the dentist’s chair.

Make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible!

Your first step should be to pick up the phone. A tooth that is missing a filling is extremely vulnerable. If it is not replaced within the next few days, food and bacteria can propagate in the filling’s absence placing your tooth at risk. As such, you should try and get an emergency appointment. If you can’t get a same day appointment, try and get one within 48 hours.


Preserve the filling if you can

Assuming that you haven’t swallowed the filling or lost it down the sink while brushing your teeth, you should try and keep it, clean it up and keep it somewhere safe. Your dentist will make the decision whether to re-insert the filling or replace it with a brand new one.


Gently clean

Next, gently clean your whole mouth while taking special care not to agitate the affected tooth. Rinse with water or mouthwash. This will reduce the risk of bacteria collecting in the gap left within the tooth.


Numb your tooth and gum

You may experience pain, tenderness or discomfort in and around the tooth. We recommend gently rubbing some clove oil into the tooth and the surrounding gum. If pain persists, use an over the counter pain killer like Tylenol or Ibuprofen.


Seal with dental wax

To prevent food particles from getting stuck in your tooth, seal the gap left in the filling’s absence with some dental wax. This should tide you over until your dentist is ready to implement something more permanent.


Identify the cause of the filling loss

The more you know about why your filling came out, the better able your dentist will be to guard against this happening in the future. Make a note of what you were doing / eating at the time.


Eat and drink smart

While you’re waiting for your dental appointment it’s vital that you don’t eat or drink anything which may exacerbate tooth pain or cause further damage to your tooth. Avoid anything too hot or cold as well as hard, sweet and sticky foods. Furthermore, try to chew on the unaffected side of your mouth.

If your filling has fallen out recently (or you need help with any of your other dental needs) please don’t hesitate to contact our skilled team. We’ll be delighted to get you smiling again!

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