Implant Dentist: A Simple Definition

Implant Dentist: A Simple Definition

Are you missing any teeth in your mouth? Perhaps you have visited your dentist for an extraction and you now have gaps where your teeth used to be. Or perhaps you have lost a tooth or two in an accident, or they may have fallen out after becoming weakened. Whatever the case, the fact that you have missing teeth probably isn’t ideal for you. Not only will you be self-conscious when around others, but you might be at risk of teeth and gum decay because of the empty gaps in your mouth.

For a confident smile and a reduced risk of tooth decay, you might want to consider a dental implant. An implant dentist with the skills in this area will provide this for you. If you’re in the Michigan area, then you might want to consider our dental services. You can find out more about dental implants here, including the costs, the benefits, and what they can do for you. Have a read, and consider the option for yourself if you have need of a tooth replacement.

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Implant Dentists

When you need a dental implant, it is important to find a dentist who has expertise in this area. Your general dentist may be able to give you an implant if he or she has had extra training, although you might also choose to see a cosmetic dentist or a dental implant specialist (either a prosthodontist or an implantologist) when deciding on the best person for your implant. 

An implant dentist will have extensive training in implant procedures. These procedures will be based around tooth replacement and restoration. Specialists in this field will have earned their dental degree and then taken extra education to give them specialization in detail implants. 

Before practicing, implant dentists typically require:

  • Specific education in implant dentistry
  • Experience in dental implant surgery
  • Competence in all types of dental implants

If your general dentist does not have experience in this field, you will usually be recommended to a specialist who can carry out the work for you.


What Will An Implant Dentist Do?

An implant dentist will give you a thorough evaluation before deciding on the work that needs to be done. X-rays and teeth models will be taken to ensure the dental implants closely align to your natural teeth.

You might need several appointments during the planning process, so don’t expect this to be a quick process. However, time needs to be taken to assess your needs, so these appointments are crucial.

When it comes time for surgery, it will often be done in several stages. This is because your jawbone will need time to heal before more work commences.

Initially, your damaged tooth will be removed (unless it has already come out), and your jawbone will be prepped for surgery. This sometimes involves bone grafting. After your jawbone has healed, the implant will be inserted into the gum line. 

After your jaw has been given time to heal, the implant dentist will place the abutment (the piece that screws into your implant) and will attach your new artificial tooth on top. At this stage, the implant will be complete, although your implant dentist will give you post-care advice to ensure all goes well after surgery. 


We have discussed the actual treatment in brief here, but for a fuller description of what is involved during implant surgery, read this guide by the American Dental Association. It gives you much of what you need to know, although if you do have any questions, you can check through our website or get in touch with us by phone or through our contact form


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