5 Things Most People Don’t Know About Oral Surgeons

5 Things Most People Don’t Know About Oral Surgeons

Many of us are familiar with going to the dentist, but have you ever been to an oral surgeon? A dentist can deal with most of your basic dentistry needs, but there are times when an oral surgeon is the right person for the job.

Here are 5 things most people don’t know about oral surgeons.

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#1: Additional Schooling Is Required To Be An Oral Surgeon

General dentists and oral surgeons are not the quite the same. The difference lies in the training, as oral surgeons require additional years of schooling due to the complex nature of their work.

All types of dentists spend upwards of seven to eight years at dental college, but oral surgeons will train for longer in a specialist field. After dental college, they will typically train for a further four to six years, often in a hospital-based environment. They will then specialize in those aspects of dentistry that go beyond what your general dentist can give you, such as those described in our next point. 

#2: Oral Surgeons Can Offer You Specialist Care

Your general dentist can offer you professional teeth cleanings, fillings, oral exams, tooth extractions, dental makeovers, and a range of other procedures that you might already be familiar with.  However, there are occasions when you might be referred to an oral surgeon by your dentist for specialist care. 

Complicated teeth extractions, the repair of broken bones in the jaw and face, the removal of tumors and cysts in the jaw, and jaw realignment surgeries, are just some of the procedures that will be handled by an oral surgeon specializing in those areas. Oral surgeons can treat chronic diseases that arise from the mouth too, and some can offer cosmetic dentistry.

Some dental practices are run by dentists who are experienced in fields related to oral surgery, while others will refer you to specialist care elsewhere for specific procedures.

#3: Oral Surgeons Can Reduce Your Migraines

You already know dentists (and those specializing in oral surgery) can deal with toothache, but did you know they can help you with your headaches too? They can also deal with your earache! Of course, when we say this, we are referring to those dental issues that can cause such common pains, so there will be cases when you will need to see your doctor instead. 

A number of dental problems can cause headaches, including toothache. A general dentist can deal with this issue, of course, but you might need an oral surgeon too. Some head and ear pains are caused by a jaw being out of alignment, but through corrective jaw surgery, an oral surgeon will correct any problems, and consequently get to the source of your headache or earache. Corrective jaw surgery can also reduce TMJ disorders and overbites. 

#4: Oral Surgeons Will Do More Than Remove Your Teeth

Oral surgeons will remove your teeth when necessary, but they can also replace them with dental implants if required. Implants are carried out by those with specialist training, so having it put in place by somebody who possesses the necessary surgical training can bring peace of mind to the patient.


 If you have had missing teeth in your mouth for a while, be that because of tooth extractions or your own personal mishaps, there is a chance that your jawbone may have deteriorated. If this is the case, an oral surgeon will help rebuild your jaw before you have a dental implant, using bone grafts and other specialized procedures to prepare you for the implant. 

#5: Not All Oral Surgeons Are The Same

Before using the services of an oral surgeon, it is important to look up their credentials first. Online reviews, certifications, and recommendations from friends, family, and website testimonials can point you in the right direction when looking for the right person for your needs. There are those who have specialized in specific fields and those who can cover all aspects of oral surgery, so be diligent in your search. 


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