Can You Go To Urgent Care For Dental Pain?

When you are dealing with a dental issue, your dentist should be your first phone call, but if you are experiencing more than minor tooth pain and need immediate attention on the weekend or in the middle of the night, then you’ll probably need an emergency dentist, dental urgent cares, or in some cases, a visit to the nearest emergency room.

There are several options for “dental urgent care near me” that could provide immediate relief. For instance, there are 24-hour emergency dental services that cater specifically to urgent dental issues. These services are usually available on weekends and nights, which makes them a great option for those who cannot wait for their regular dentist to open. Moreover, most of these emergency dental services have trained staff that can handle any type of urgent dental issue such as a broken tooth or severe tooth pain.


How do you Know if it’s An Emergency?

Data from the American Family Physician shows that over 22% of people have experienced some degree of dental pain in the past 6 months. This shows how common issues like this are. That being said, not every single dental situation is an emergency. If you want to determine if you can actually wait to see your dentist or if you need to take a trip to the ER then you need to ask yourself a couple of questions. This can include:

  • Are you in severe pain?
  • Have you lost a tooth?
  • Are your teeth loose?
  • Do you have an infection?
  • Are you bleeding?

An abscess or infection can be life-threatening if you do not get seek medical attention as soon as possible. You shouldn’t wait to see a dentist in this instance. It may be that you have swelling in the face, or that you experience knots on your gums. If you are bleeding from the mouth, then this is another sign of an emergency. In general, any dental issue that requires treatment to stop any bleeding, to save a tooth or even to alleviate severe tooth pain is classed as being an emergency. If you have symptoms like this then you should be paying a trip to the emergency room. Call your dentist, explain what has happened and try and get an appointment. If you are not able to do this then you may need to pay a visit to the ER instead.

Common Dental Emergencies in Eastpointe, MI

If you have severe pain, then there’s a high chance that you are experiencing a dental emergency. If you want to make sure that your situation justifies a trip to the ER, then simply look below to see the main reasons why people visit hospital emergency rooms.

Knocked Out Teeth

According to the AAE, quick action can save a knocked out tooth. Sometimes your tooth can be reinserted and it can be preserved. If you see your teeth then make sure that you pick it up by the top, or by the crown. You need to take care not to touch the root if possible. You then need to rinse it, but don’t scrub it. If you can, it’s wise to reinsert the tooth into the socket. If this is not possible, put it in a container of milk as this will help you to preserve it.

Cracked and Chipped Teeth

Cracked and chipped teeth can cause severe pain. If you have a very serious fracture then make sure that you clean your mouth with some warm water and also apply a cold towel or compress to the outside of your face. This will help you to reduce swelling as much as possible. You can also take pain relief if required. At this point, it’s a good idea for you to try and avoid using numbing gel as this could damage your gums.


If you have a dental abscess, then this can be a life-threatening condition. You may find that you have a pocket of pus on your gum and this can lead to even bigger infections if you do not get it treated. A tooth abscess may also cause issues such as fever or even tooth sensitivity. You may also have extreme, persistent toothache and a pimple where the infected tooth is. The main reason why this is an emergency is because the infection can spread to the jaw and then the surrounding tissue. From there, it can spread to other parts of the body. Before you see a dentist, make sure that you rinse your mouth with some very mild salt water as this will draw the pus to the surface and it may even act as a natural pain reliever.


Can Urgent Care Pull Teeth?

If you find yourself wondering, “Does urgent care do tooth extractions?”, the answer is: maybe.

Urgent care facilities can provide immediate attention to serious dental concerns, including some instances of tooth extraction. However, their capabilities may vary depending on the specific urgent care clinic and the nature of the dental issue.

Emergency dental care can handle issues that require immediate treatment to stop bleeding, save a tooth, or alleviate severe pain with temporary pain medication. In the case of a broken tooth accompanied by excessive bleeding and mouth pain, urgent dental care is typically required.

Some urgent care providers do offer tooth extraction services, but it’s important to note that not all urgent care facilities may be equipped for this, especially for more complicated extractions. It’s always best to consult with a dentist as soon as possible for any dental emergencies.

So, to answer the general question of “will urgent care pull a tooth,” is complicated. While some urgent care centers can pull teeth, it is highly recommended to seek care from a dentist or a specialized dental clinic for such procedures.


Can Urgent Care Treat Dry Socket?

Most urgent care facilities can indeed provide treatment for dry sockets. Dry sockets, which can develop after wisdom teeth or other adult teeth are extracted, expose underlying bones and nerves. Urgent care centers offer evaluation and emergency treatment for this condition. Treatments can include cleaning out the socket to flush out food or other materials, and filling the socket with a medicated dressing.

However, it’s important to note that while urgent care can provide temporary relief and immediate treatment, it’s still crucial to consult with a dentist for a comprehensive solution. So, to answer the question, yes, urgent care can treat dry socket, but it is still recommended to see a dental professional for further treatment.


How to Avoid a Dental Emergency

If you want to make sure that you are taking good care of your oral health, then it’s wise to try and avoid dental emergencies to begin with. The best way for you to avoid a dental emergency would be for you to be proactive in your routine check-ups. When you go for a check-up, your dentist will check for any loose fillings and they will also check your crowns to make sure that there is no sign of infection. They will then check for signs of decay and gum disease. If you know that you are going to have to have a tooth extracted because you have experienced an emergency then make sure that you follow any dental instructions that your dentist has given you so that you can avoid any potential risks, which include dry socket or even infection.

It’s more than possible that your dentist will give you a custom treatment plan so that you can have the problems addressed before they develop into a full emergency. You can pay attention to what your teeth and body are telling you as well, so you can make the right changes. For example, if your teeth are very sensitive to the hot and the cold, then this could indicate that you are drinking too many fizzy drinks. If you can stop this and brush your teeth more, it’s entirely possible that you can reverse the issue before it causes serious harm.

Of course, it doesn’t matter if you have a fully comprehensive dental hygiene routine, because it’s important to know that things can still happen. Dental emergencies can strike at any time, so if you are dealing with one, it’s important to know that time is of the essence. Contact your dentist in Eastpointe, MI or make the trip to the hospital emergency room as soon as possible.

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