PED: Your Eastpointe Family Dentist Accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield




Patient Empowered Dentistry is a locally owned and operated specialty and family dental practice that serves the needs of the entire Detroit Metro community at our Eastpointe location. We are proud to be accepting new patients who have Blue Cross Blue Shield Association as their primary health insurance provider, including:

  • BlueCard® PPO/EPO
  • BlueCard® Traditional
  • Federal Employee Program – Basic Option
  • Federal Employee Program – Standard Option
  • Medicare Advantage PPO

We offer high-quality, personalized health care to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan members in a comfortable environment. Unlike many dentist offices at PED, we don’t have numerous doctors. Instead, all patients have their oral health cared for by our experienced doctor, Dr. Christopher Dyki, and staff committed to excellence in oral healthcare.

Our patients will never have to fight to see a specific dentist. Instead, new patients can rest assured that all of the reviews they’ve seen on our website are about the dentist that will be caring for them and not other doctors that they will not be meeting with.



What Is Patient Empowered Dentistry All About?

At Patient Empowered Dentistry in Eastpointe, Michigan, we aim to provide quality health care and support to any Eastpointe Blue Cross Blue Shield member in a comfortable and relaxed setting. Dr. Dyki is a provider who makes sure to take the time to get to know each patient so he can best supply their individual needs. We want all of our patients to feel like part of the family, new patients, along with patients that have been coming to us for years.

At our independent practice, we strive to provide excellent care and leave patients with a happy, healthy mouth, a smile, and the resources to keep it that way. Our goal is to make sure that every Michigan patient we treat leaves our office feeling empowered and confident, knowing that they weren’t pushed into unnecessary treatment by in-network doctors who are only interested in filling their own pockets.

We use our expertise to give patients knowledge and resources to help with maintaining and protecting the health of the teeth and gums for a lifetime. In addition, we are always willing to answer questions about anything you need more information; including questions regarding a pre-existing claim.



What Makes Patient Empowered Dentistry Different From Other Dentists?

Our doctor and our staff are highly experienced, skilled professionals who genuinely care about our patients and work to ensure that each patient leaves our office with a smile on their face and the answers to all of their questions. Our focus is on preventive dentistry so that our patients don’t need to stress about surprise bills or unnecessary treatments. We will never push you into anything unnecessary, and we will work with your budget to find services that meet your needs.



What Types of Treatment Does Patient Empowered Dentistry Offer?

Dr. Dyki and the staff at PED practice general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and everything in between. We provide a wide variety of quality dental care services to keep your teeth as healthy as possible, giving you the confidence to smile all day long. Some of the procedures we offer include:

If you are looking for a dentist that accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield Association health insurance, look no further than Patient Empowered Dentistry. Our experienced and qualified team is here to provide you with the highest quality health care in a comfortable and relaxed setting. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!



Why Should Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Members Choose to Visit Patient Empowered Dentistry Over Other General Dentistry Offices in the Area?

The reason that so many Blue Cross Blue Shield members choose our office is simple. You need to find a trusted dentist who can provide you with fantastic quality service for the best possible prices for any dental work. We make it our mission to ensure that every person we serve leaves our office feeling better than when they walked in by providing treatment options tailored towards their needs at affordable rates and keeping our patients in Eastpointe, Michigan, in the loop about everything along the way.

Whether you are a Blue Bross Blue Shield member or you have coverage from other providers through an employer or independent insurance company, Dr. Dykie can provide the tools to give you back your smile. We also strive to provide access to the right resources for our Eastpointe, Michigan patients with no coverage to find care and get a much-needed diagnosis.



Why Should You Choose our Dental Office for Orthodontic Care or Cosmetic Dentistry?

As an esteemed Blue Cross Blue Shield provider, our health care provider is dedicated to providing you with excellent service at an affordable rate. Our experienced team will collaborate with your insurance provider to offer a customized treatment plan that meets the specific requirements and goals outlined by your dentist. In addition, our friendly and welcoming environment makes us the best place for you to visit if you happen to be on a search for a cosmetic dentist, general providers, or specialty dentists in Eastpointe, MI.



How Can PED Help Eastpointe Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Members With Their Dental Needs?

With the variety of treatments our dentist can provide that Blue Cross and other insurance plans give access to, we can stay one step ahead on your dental health. For example, as a Blue Cross Blue Shield member in Michigan, you are given access to a checkup every six months by an in-network provider. As long as you use your coverage to log those exams, preventative dentistry should keep us updated on your care and leave us with no surprises!

Our Eastpointe family dental center understands that various factors go into any dental care plan. Therefore we will work with your insurance provider to service any aesthetic needs that your Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan coverage gives you access to, as well as other necessary treatments.



How Can I Find Out Which Services Are Covered Under My Dental Insurance Plan?

The best way to determine which services your plan covers is by reaching out directly to your Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Delta Dental, Medicaid, or other insurance’s customer service network. Many different plans offer a wide variety of dental benefits, and you’ll need detailed information from the person who handles your individual insurance policies before making an appointment at our dentist’s office in Eastpointe, MI. When you speak with a customer service representative at Blue Cross and Blue Shield, make sure to have your insurance information available. Your policy benefits are tied to your individual plan and will be on your member ID card.



New Patients: Contact Patient Empowered Dentistry Today

Whether you are a new or current Blue Cross Blue Shield Association of Michigan member near the city of Eastpointe, have other insurance coverage, or are not a plan member at all, we encourage you to get in touch with our dental office today to schedule your appointment. You can easily find us on the web by doing a quick online search for “Patient Empowered Dentistry Eastpointe.” Our website should come up near the top of your search results.

If you’re interested in our reviews, search results on websites like ZocDocs and Google should help put your mind at ease. Of course, you can also call us with any questions you may have at (586) 771-6340.

We look forward to meeting our new Blue Cross and Blue Shield patients and helping you achieve the dental health you deserve!

Patient Empowered Dentistry